Download new EasyMenu 3 for free!

EasyMenu 3.0 beta

Dmytro   2019-10-04

EasyMenu betaDear users! The new version of EasyMenu 3.0, now also for a mobile phone, is available for download.

Web Site Update!

Dmytro   2017-10-29

Dear users! We are proud to present the new version of our web site. The new site is faster and easier to use. It is also optimised for use on mobile phones and tablets.

EasyMenu - now mobile

Dmytro   2017-01-10

EasyMenu Mobile Dear users of EasyMenu application! I'm glad to announce the release of the EasyMenu Mobile - the new application for mobile phones and tablets which plans weekly menu and generates the shopping list.

Soon - mobile version of EasyMenu

Dmytro   2016-05-19

Soon - mobile version of EasyMenu Dear EasyMenu users! We would like to let you know that we are currently developing the completely new EasyMenu Mobile!

New version of EasyMenu 2.0

Dmytro   2016-02-06

Dear users! I am glad to announce the release of a new version of EasyMenu 2.0. In the new version we have added many new features, hopefully useful for you.

EasyMenu is an application which plans weekly menus and generates shopping lists. The menu planner allows to plan your menu for a week in detail, or generate a random balanced menu, or anything in between! This saves a lot of time, money and effort.