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Summer means grilling!

Natalia   2014-06-12

Summer is the grilling season. After a long and cold winter it is a pleasure to fire up a grill and cook outside on hot coals or a gas grill. Smoke and sear of the grill add an unmistakable taste of summer to any food. Also the children love cooking outside - summer is for adventures!

Traditional Orthodox Easter Recipes

Natalia   2014-04-16

Old recipe Easter is an important celebration in the Orthodox tradition, and it has always been celebrated in my family. Children love the brightly dyed eggs, as well as specific foods which are prepared just once a year, for Easter.

2 meals with chicken and quinoa for a busy cook

Natalia   2014-03-17

There are often moments when cooking every day is hard. This is especially true for those who work outside home, and have therefore little time to cook. These two meals can be used to alleviate the problem, for one only has to cook twice the amount of chicken and quinoa on the first day, and use half of it next day. This saves a lot of time, as one only has to cook once, however, the two meals will be different in taste and texture.

Weekly menu

Natalia   2014-02-09

Weekly menuIt is well-known that cooking every day, especially for a family, tends to be hard without some planning. One has to decide, what to cook, remember to buy all needed ingredients. On top of that, it is preferable that the menu is balanced, healthy and tasty, and as well as cost-effective. In our family we eat well and save money by planning the menu using the EasyMenu application. Planning the menu in advance and writing a shopping list saves time on shopping as well as cooking, and is markedly more cost-effective than shopping on a whim.

Below you will find a sample menu created using the EasyMenu application. It also contains a summary of calorie intake and nutritional content of each meal as well as a shopping list.

New update of EasyMenu 1.5 is available

Dmytro   2013-12-19

Now the new version of EasyMenu 1.5 is available for downloading. The next time you start the application, you will be asked to download the update. If you agree to it, the update will download and install automatically.