EasyMenu Balanced Meal Planner

EasyMenu is the application which plans weekly menu and generates the shopping list. The meal planner allows to plan the menu for a week in detail, or generate a random balanced menu - or anything it between!

This saves a lot of time, money and effort. It is also environmentally friendly, for it reduces the amount of food thrown away.

  • Cookbook containing 100 recipes including calories and basic nutrients count (calculated based on USDA SR24 database).
  • Menu can be generated randomly or edited manually.
  • Randomly generated menu can be balanced based on calories and the basic nutrients (protein, fats and carbohydrates).
  • Menu can be generated for Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Dinner and Snack, or for any combination of these six.
  • Shopping list for the ready menu is automatically generated.
  • Summary page helps to monitor daily nutrition and calories intake.
  • You can use either metric or american system for ingredient amount.
LIMITATIONS: You will not be able to add recipes nor log in using EasyMenu account. In future, EasyMenu will allow you to log in, use your cookbook's recipes as well as add new recipes.
EasyMenu can be downloaded from here:


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