Cauliflower and Radishes Salad


10 min


  6-8 large radishes
  approximately half of a cauliflower head
  green, yellow and red bell peppers – just cut a piece of each of them
  whipped salad dressing
  salt to taste


  Shred the radishes with the fine side of a shredder. I should look almost like puree. Cut several cauliflower flowerets from the stems; then cut just the flower part, and mince it into really small pieces.
  There will be lots of “waste”, try to plan using the remaining parts of the cauliflower in some other dish. Depending on how much radishes you’ve got, cut enough cauliflower so that it’s volume will be approximately the same, as of the shredded radishes.
  Cut a piece (about 1/8 of a large pepper) from each of 3-color bell peppers you’ve got, and cut them into squares.
  Add a pinch of salt (to taste). Add some whipped salad dressing: the key is not to overdo it. I usually start with 2 tbsp, stir them in, and try the salad. May be, it will be enough!
  Place the salad in the salad bowl and sprinkle with finely chopped dill – done!
  Recipe coutersy Henrietta Dombrovskaya,